6 PS5 Pro Rumors I’d love to see come true

There are new rumours about the PS5 Pro almost every week, and the rumour mill won’t stop. Although Sony hasn’t made any official confirmation of the enhanced PS5 console gaming, trustworthy industry insiders continue to insist that it’s coming; one source even goes so far as to say it’s “100% in development.”

Between the PS5 and its successor, which we’ll refer to as the PS6, the PS5 Pro would serve as a generation leap. We anticipate that the PS5 Pro will take after the PS4 Pro. This was essentially a more potent PS4 base console maker than the standard one.

DualShock 4 controller

PS5 Pro Release Date

It included the same DualShock 4 controller and game selection but with improved performance and some titles aiming for 4K resolution. It was a system created for players who desired more power to experience PlayStation gaming fully.

PS5 Pro Release Date

Presumably, the PS5 Pro would follow suit, building on the foundations of the base PS5 with updated internal components and perhaps a minor cosmetic overhaul. But keep in mind that this is not the PS6; rather, it’s merely an improved version of the PS5 hardware.

Most Likely, The PS5 Pro Will Cost The Same As The PS5, If Not More

PS5 Pro Release Date

Similar to the PS4 Pro that came before it, one of the most plausible rumours regarding the PlayStation 5 Pro’s hottest deals will retail at $499, the same as the original system. It’s difficult to estimate how much the PS5 would cost less as a result of this, but it might go as low as $50—the same amount that was changed for the PS4.

To level the playing field in terms of price and dimensions, one may counter that Sony’s lineup requires the PS5 Slim. During the PS4’s lifecycle, the Slim and Pro were released one month apart, so the PS5 Pro and Slim may arrive simultaneously. But if the rumours about the PS5 Pro are accurate, its price may surpass that of the original PS5, contingent upon its current hardware configuration.

This would defy the trend of rising PS4 Pro prices and give gamers a new, more expensive option. Sony may decide to keep offering all three options or discontinue the original console generation in favour of the Slim and Pro.

The PS5 Pro May Have a Larger Screen Than the PS5

PS5 Pro Release Date

When the potential dimensions of a speculated PS5 Pro are considered, the possibility of a PS5 Slim becomes much more pertinent. Since the PlayStation 5 is already such a huge machine, some customers are finding it difficult to integrate it into their entertainment setups.

If a PS5 Pro were to follow in the footsteps of the PS4 Pro, it might expand even larger to accommodate a more powerful console, making it even harder to store. Players will probably have to decide between the PS5 Pro’s better performance and the PS5 Slim’s more streamlined appearance.

The Technology on a PS5 Pro Will Surely Be Better

PS5 Pro Release Date

The PS5 Pro, like its Pro predecessor, will undoubtedly have improved performance supported by cutting-edge technology. The PS5 Pro is rumored to have improved ray-tracing capabilities, resulting in more realistic graphics. Rather than using the single GPU that the PS5 now uses, a Game Rant story on a Sony patent that is believed to be related to the PS5 Pro describes the usage of numerous GPUs and CPUs to boost performance.

Although it’s unclear how beneficial this functionality will be until 8K televisions become more widely available, rumors exist that a PS5 Pro may also support 8K.

PS5 Pro Release Date

As the PlayStation 5 is nearing its end, Sony is almost certainly developing a follow-up “Pro” system similar to the PS4 Pro. It should improve PS5 games’ performance to some extent, although other rumors are still a little haphazard.

Its specifications are yet unknown, as is its appearance and whether it will be released in tandem with any updated or new games. In light of this, I’ve compiled a list of some of the more intriguing PS5 Pro rumors, not so much in terms of likelihood of fulfillment as in terms of what features I would most like to see in a final product. Even if they don’t, information on the Pro may have drastically changed by the time it hits stores. In fact, some of these rumors may contradict one another. In the end, this is more or less a wish list.

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