Will There be The Pope’s Exorcist 2?

Will There be The Pope’s Exorcist 2?

Russell Crowe might return for The Pope’s Exorcist 2. The actor discussed the possibility of a sequel, given the extensive material available to continue the story. Check out all the details and updates about the new movie.

Will there be The Pope’s Exorcist 2?   

The supernatural thriller The Pope’s Exorcist was made with a budget of only $18 million. Yet it managed to earn $52 to $76 million worldwide. Hence, it is no surprise that Columbia Pictures / Screen Gems has started preparing for The Pope’s Exorcist 2.

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Producer Jeff Katz shared the exciting announcement on X (formerly Twitter), expressing immense enthusiasm about the movie’s future. While no specific details about the sequel have been disclosed yet, the green light for its development marks the first significant update since the release of “The Pope’s Exorcist” in 2023.

The Pope’s Exorcist 2 was teased in April 2023 before receiving the official green light in May 2024.

The Pope's Exorcist 2
The Pope’s Exorcist 2

When will The Pope’s Exorcist 2 Come Out?

According to Yahoo, The Pope’s Exorcist 2 is expected to hit theaters in 2025, with the possibility of a subsequent digital release on Netflix.

Is The Pope’s Exorcist Based on a True Story?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Russell Crowe will depict the real-life persona of Father Gabriele Amorth, a priest who served as the chief exorcist of the Vatican. He conducted over 100,000 exorcisms throughout his lifetime. (He passed away in 2016 at the age of 91.) Amorth chronicled his encounters with demonic forces that had possessed individuals in their malevolent grasp in two memoirs: “An Exorcist Tells His Story” and “An Exorcist: More Stories.”

Hence, the Pope’s Exorcist is based on a true story.

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The Pope’s Exorcist 2 Cast

While no cast members have been officially confirmed for “The Pope’s Exorcist 2,” it’s probable that Russell Crowe will reprise his role as Father Amorth, given his central position in the franchise. Cornell John is also expected to return as Bishop Lumumba, especially considering the first film hinted at an expanded role for the bishop in the sequel. Despite several survivors from the first film, the sequel may introduce a new ensemble cast, as it’s expected to follow Father Gabriele as he embarks on a different exorcism, potentially leading to a fresh set of characters.

The Pope's Exorcist 2
The Pope’s Exorcist 2

According to the site called Bloody Disgusting, Russell Crowe talked about The Pope’s Exorcist 2. He said he was asked to reprise his role in the second part, but the change in studio heads will push forward the production. Here is what he said

“That’s in discussion at the moment. The original producers… they originally got the kickoff from the studio not just for one sequel but for two. But there’s been a change of studio heads at the moment so that’s going around in a few circles. But very definitely, man. We set that character up that you could take him out and put him into a lot of different circumstances,” Crowe continued. “And remember that the man that’s based on, Gabriele Amorth, he wrote twelve books. So we have more than enough source material to do one or two more of those films. But that probably won’t be until next year.”

Possible Plot of The Pope’s Exorcist 2

The Pope's Exorcist 2
The Pope’s Exorcist 2

As of yet, there is no official plot for the sequel, but we can imagine that it will follow the storyline that the first film sets up.

In the first film, the plot ended with The Vatican examining the diaries of a Friar who was once overtaken by Asmodeus, the antagonist from the initial movie. It seems they’ve unearthed an additional 199 burial sites where individuals are susceptible to possession by this demon. Consequently, it falls upon Amorth to undertake the task of exorcising them.

It’s possible that the sequel will follow Father Amorth’s quest to defeat Asmodeus once and for all at all 199 burial sites.

However, since the movie is based on a true story, this could be both limiting and inspiring. Father Gabriele Amorth had more cases, over 100,000, in fact, so another film could be based on that. However, if filmmakers want to stay true to their source material, this could limit what stories they can tell on screen.

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