Poppy Playtime Movie Announced – Release Date And Characters

The super popular horror video game Poppy Playtime is coming on the big screen!! The video game-to-movie adaptation has been announced by Mob Entertainment, which is partnering with Legendary to turn this beloved video game into a movie. 

Since the announcement, people have been curious to know when the movie will be released and who the characters will be. So, let’s delve into everything there is to know about the Poppy Playtime movie so far! 

Is There A Release Date For Poppy Playtime Movie?

The release date for the Poppy Playtime movie has not been revealed. After rejecting several deals, Legendary finally offered to accept Mob Entertainment’s deal to team up to bring the video game to life as a live-action movie. 

Mob Entertainment just announced the video game-to-movie adaptation yesterday in a press release. Based on this, the movie adaptation of the popular horror video game seems to be in its early stages of development.

Poppy Playtime Movie
Poppy Playtime Movie

Who All Are Working On Poppy Playtime Movie?

Legendary, who has produced some well-known movies such as Batman Begins, Pacific Rim, and Dune: Part Two, is working with Mob Entertainment to develop the Poppy Playtime movie. 

They will produce the movie adaptation along with Don Murphy, who has worked with Legendary on projects such as the Transformers series, and Susan Montford, who is presently working with the company on the well-known television series Buck Rogers.

Mob Entertainment, founded by Zach and Seth Belanger, released the first part of the game in 2021 on Steam, and it became a huge hit. The game was then released on PC and mobile, gaining a total of 12 million gamers. As the video game continues to reach milestones, it can now be played on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, too.

Are The Characters For Poppy Playtime Movie Revealed?

As the movie adaptation has just been announced, there is no information revealed with respect to the characters of the live-action movie. However, the main character of Poppy Playime, Elliot, may share the big screen with the following characters of the video game:

Movie Release Date
Movie Release Date
  • Huggy Wuggy
  • Mommy Long
  • Legs Poppy
  • Kissy Missy
  • CatNap
  • DogDay
  • he Smiling Critters
  • PJ Pug-a-Pillar
  • Boogie Bot
  • Candy Cat
  • Boxy Boo
  • Bron
  • Bunzo
  • Bunny
  • Baby Long Legs
  • Daddy Long legs

What Is Poppy Playtime Video Game About?

In Poppy Playtime, a first-person video game inspired by Willy Wonka, Toy Story, and Gremlins, you are a former worker of a once-famous toy company. Once you receive a mysterious letter, you are brought back to the now-deserted company. 

But here’s an exciting part: It is not as empty as it might appear! This place is teeming with live toys, such as Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs, and CatNap, all of which have minds of their own. To survive, you will need to work codes out, solve puzzles, and uncover the hidden secrets using tools.

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