Warframe – How to Get Platinum in 13 Ways

Warframe – How to Get Platinum in 13 Ways

Platinum is the ultimate premium resource in Warframe that you can use to buy and sell most things, including buying boosters, pre-made Warframes, and cosmetic parts. There are several ways of earning this in-game currency, and we’ve shared our ways to get Platinum in Warframe down below. 

Rare Mod Farmer- A Great Way To Get Platinum in Warframe

Selling mods and weapons is one of the many ways to make Platinum in Warframe. You can make the best out of this method when the game gets new updates and adds new mods and weapons. The rare and uncommon ones will have extremely high prices during the first few weeks of the update as their supply is initially low while their demand is high! 

After every update, do a little research about the newly added mods and the enemies that drop them upon death. Then, keep battling and killing them until you get your desired mod. We recommend using the Nekros warframe during battles to increase your chances of getting the mods you require.

Rare Mod Farmer- A Great Way To Get Platinum in Warframe
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Use Money To Purchase Platinum

Spending your hard-earned money or purchasing Platinum isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. However, for those of you that can spare a couple of dollars, you can get huge amounts of Platinum instantly by directly purchasing them. If you want to make the most out of your money, wait for a seasonal sale as you can get double or maybe even triple the amount of Platinum for the same amount of money! 

Sell Prime Parts- Another Way To Get Platinum in Warframe

Prime Parts are fairly easy to get in Waframe, and selling them is a good way of keeping your platinum stash high! You will get these parts from relics that drop at the end of missions and mission segments as rewards. Moreover, you don’t even have to sell your rare prime parts! Selling just about any ordinary one will give you a decent amount of Platinum. 

You can also sell prime parts to other players! They may pay anywhere between five to ten Platinum for five prime parts that are low value. Basically, players may want to accumulate prime parts and sell them for Ducats. This is another currency in the game, and it is used for purchasing items from Baro Ki’teer. 

Get Platinum in Warframe From The Relic Merchant

You do not always have to break open your relics for prime parts! You can just sell them as they are to the relic merchant. Keep in mind that all relics do not have the same price. Their price increases based on the rarity of the item they contain. 

Other players are also on the lookout for relics, especially ones containing new prime parts. Most often, you will get the highest amount for axi relics. You can get them as rewards for completing the Disruption missions in the Lua- Apollo region.

Entering and Placing In a Contest for earning Platinum

If you’re up for a challenge and some fun, join a Warframe Contest and place in it to earn some platinum. This is one of the harder methods of getting Platinum and can be a little time-consuming. Plus, you will only get the currency if you place in the contest, which is hard to do. 

Sell Corrupted Mods and Get Platinum

Orokin Vaults have corrupted mods that players require for warframes and weapon builds. They are extremely useful, and you can sell them to other players for hefty prices. 

Orokin vaults are hidden. Finding them alone can be very time-consuming. Thus, you can simply pair up with three other people through the recruitment chat and shorten your mission time considerably. Then, after you have collected sufficient corrupted mods for yourself, you can find extra and sell them for Platinum. 

Selling Ayatan Sculpture for Getting Platinum 

Ayatan Sculptures level-up mods. Thus, they are in high demand. However, some are just ornamental and will go for cheaper prices.

An ayatan sculpture will sell for a minimum of 2 platinum. However, they can go for much higher based on the sculpture and the buyer! 

Level Up Syndicate Standings To Get Platinum in Warframe 

This method is so simple that it may have never even crossed your mind! It requires you to simply pick a syndicate and commit to them completely. This will level up your syndicate standings and reputation while also giving you syndicate points. You can spend these points on buying exclusive mods and weapons. Trade these with other players to make some serious cash in Warframe! 

Level Up Syndicate Standings To Get Platinum in Warframe 
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Farm Dual Stat Mods- An excellent way to get Platinum in Warframe 

Dual Stats Mods allow you to save up your mod slots in weapons. Thus, they are extremely valuable, and players are willing to pay high prices for them. 

Getting your hands on dual stat mods is tricky. They are not guaranteed rewards, so you may struggle for quite a while to get these mods. Till now, the maximum chance of getting them is by completing tier 1, 2, and 3 Spy missions for heat and frost elements. The rarest and most expensive ones are the toxic element dual-stat mods and electric dual-stat mods. The former is obtained from the Void’s Corrupted Vor, while the latter is sold by Baro. 

Farm Nightmare Mods to Get Platinum

Nightmare Mods are rare Dual Stat mods that are always in demand. You can stack them with your other mods and reach extremely high damage thresholds! Thus, players love these mods and are willing to pay decent amounts of Platinum for them.

Flip Items from Baro Ki’teer and Earn Platinum

Baro is rare to come around. You will only find him two times a month and on special occasions. He sells dual stat mods and unique tradeable weapons. You can buy them from him when he visits and sell them for higher prices after he leaves! 

The best items you can buy from Baro are prime mods that always sell for hefty prices! You can even rank up the mods and sell them for hundreds of Platinum! 

Prime Vault Flipping- Among Top Ways of Getting Platinum 

Warframe game developers use the Prime Vault, which is a rotating reward availability system. Basically, they make rare items even rarer by erasing them from reward tables! 

You can make a lot of Platinum easily by using your foresight through this method. Research the prime parts that are most likely going to become a part of the prime vault and hoard them. Then, when they are vaulted, and their prices go higher, sell them and enjoy some easily earned money in Warframe. 

Sell Riven Mods and Get Platinum in Warframe

The Riven Markets in Warframe are one of the hottest spots for making Platinum. They are not officially a part of the game, but several third-party websites have created their own markets for buying and selling riven mods. https://riven.market/ is one of the most trustworthy riven marketplaces. You can sell your Riven Mods (rare mods for weapons) for quite a large price here. The price depends on selling veiled and unveiled mods. If you sell a veiled riven mod, you may get a smaller price. On the other hand, selling an unveiled riven mod that has spectacular stats may bring in some really high bids. 

You can make the best out of this method by becoming a risk taker! Purchase some unveiled riven mods yourself and find out their stats! You never know when you’ll come across a spectacular mod that sells for several Platinum! 

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