How to Farm Argon Crystal in Warframe 2022 Guide

How to Farm Argon Crystal in Warframe 2022 Guide

Argon Crystal Warframe is one of the rarest items in the game. Finding it is a hassle, and storing it is an even bigger one. This is because it tends to disappear from your inventory over time. 

Argon Crystals are used for crafting a variety of items in Warframe, including the Valkyr Prime Chassis and Nova Slipstream Helmet. Unfortunately, crafting them can be quite difficult because of their rarity. However, there are a few tips and tricks that make it considerably easier to locate them. We have mentioned everything you need to know about how to farm argon crystal in warframe down below. 

Argon Crystal Warframe- How to farm it? 

Firstly, it is essential to know that argon crystal generation purely relies on RNG. Sometimes, you may be able to find one within minutes. On the other hand, you may play for hours and still be empty-handed. 

Argon Crystal Warframe- How to farm it? 
Argon Crystal Warframe- How to farm it?

The Void 

Argon Crystals generate in the Void. There are a bunch of missions available here that reward you with them upon completion. You can access this location from Neptune, Sedna, Europa, and Phobos. 

The most recommended mission for farming Argon Crystal is Ani, a survival mission. You must kill enemies and survive until you come across some crystals. Simply look out for some Argon Pegmatites and destroy them to get several argon crystals. 

Additionally, you can complete the Oxomoco mission, which is also relatively easy. Fight and kill enemies, and they might just drop an argon crystal or two. You can also walk around the mission area and search for loot chests. These chests sometimes contain argon crystal warframe. 

Another mission, Ukko, is also great for obtaining crystals. It is a capture mission. Complete it quickly and walk around until you find some loot chests. You can also get the argon crystals by killing any enemies that you come across. 

Other missions that you can complete are 

  • Hepit- A capture mission 
  • Teshub- An exterminate mission
  • Taranis- A defence mission
  • Tiwaz- A mobile defence mission
  • Stribog – A sabotage mission
  • Belenus – A defence mission
  • Mot – A survival mission
  • Mithra – An interception mission
  • Aten – A mobile defence mission 
  • Marduk – A sabotage mission 

Moreover, sometimes the Corrupted Vor may enter the Void. He is a mini-boss who has a fifty percent chance of dropping one argon crystal after dying. 

Furthermore, we recommend using a warframe like Smeeta Kavat. This will increase your chances of getting. 

You can also smash storage containers that are found all around the Void to get argon crystals. We recommend using warframes like Xaku for this. 

The Isolation Vault 

Completing the isolation bounty may give you several argon crystals as part of the loot. You can begin it after entering Deimos and talking to Mother. 

This method is quite time-consuming. However, it is a great way to farm argon crystals if you find yourself getting bored of the Void.

Argon Crystal Waframe- How to use it? 

Keep in mind that argon crystals decay over time. Thus, make sure to farm them only when you need them. We recommend gathering all the items required for crafting a weapon, armour, or warframe part before farming some crystals.

Argon Crystal Waframe- How to use it? 
Argon Crystal Waframe- How to use it?

Here are all the various uses of argon crystals in Warframe.

  • Chroma Prime Systems
  • Banshee Prime Systems 
  • Destreza- A Tenna rapier 
  • Cobra and Crane- The signature sword and shield of Baruuk 
  • Fluctus- An Arch-gun
  • Angstrum- A powerful weapon 
  • Atlas Chassis 
  • Akzani- A pistol 
  • Atlas Chassis
  • Atomos- A particle cannon 
  • Gazal Machete
  • Halikar- A mace 
  • Gammacor- A laser weapon 
  • Greater Focus Lens 
  • Inaros Systems
  • Hydroid Chassis
  • Scimitar Engine 
  • Dragon Nikana 
  • Nova Slipstream Helmet
  • Nezha Chassis 
  • Nekros Prime Chassis
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