Guide to defeat Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO

Guide to defeat Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO

Mega Heracross is the best attacker-fighting and bug-type Pokemon. Hence, it makes sense that one would want to defeat Mega Heracross in Raid Battles.

But it isn’t easy since the mega-evolved Pokemon can only be caught after defeating it several times in Mega Raids. For this, one needs immense Mega energy. The bulky mega closely outperforms Mega Pinsir and Terrakion.

Find out everything about what works to counterattack the evolved Pokemon. Use its weaknesses to your advantage and defeat Mega Heracross.

How to Defeat Mega Heracross in Pokémon Go?

Defeat Mega Heracross with a Pokemon raid lineup containing Fairy, Fire, and Flying-type attacking Pokemon. Find out more in this concise raid guide:

Guide to defeat Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO
Guide to defeat Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Lineup Options for Mega Heracross Raids

You can only collect the Mega Heracross after defeating it in a Mega Raid. Hence, you must learn how to defeat the Mega Heracross and prepare well before its debut on the Raid Day event, which started on the 13th of April and will end on the 25th.

The best options to defeat Mega Heracross would be equally evolved Pokemons, including Mega Rayquaza, Mega Pidgeot, or Mega Charizard Y. They are an excellent resource for raids. The following are their best moves that can effectively help defeat Mega Heracross:

  • Mega Pidgeot: Gust (Flying-type) and Brave Bird (Flying-type) through Elite TM
  • Mega Rayquaza: Air Slash and Dragon Ascent needs meteorite
  • Mega Charizard Y’s Air Slash (secondary STAB option) and Blast Burn through Elite TM
  • Mega Gardevoir’s confusion and psychic moves
  • Mega Blaziken Fire Spin and Brave Bird

Other Pokemon move sets can also help defeat Mega Heracross. These include:

  • Yveltal: Gust (Flying-type) and Oblivion Wing (Flying-type)
  • Incarnate Forme Enamorus: Fairy Wind (Fairy-type) and Fly (Flying-type)
  • Braviary: Air Slash and Fly
  • Tornadus: Gust and Bleakwind Storm need Elite TM
  • Tornadus: Hurricane and Air Slash
Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO
Mega Heracross in Pokemon GO

On the other hand, if you do not have an evolved type Pokemon, you can smartly design your lineup with multiple strong Pokemon to defeat Mega Heracross.

Use five regular Rayquaza or the shadow type Pokemon – Shadow Moltres, Shadow Honchkrow, Shadow Staraptor, Yveltal, and Enamorous. You can only catch these after the noodle dragon arrives. Shadow Pokémon are effective due to their higher attack power, but they are compromised in Raid Battles due to taking more damage. Try using the following combos with your specific Shadow Pokemon:

  • Shadow Moltres: Wing Attack (Flying-type) and Sky Attack (Flying-type)
  • Shadow Honchkrow: Peck (Flying-type) and Sky Attack (Flying-type)
  • Shadow Staraptor: Gust (Flying-type) and Fly (Flying-type)
  • Shadow Zapdos: Thunder Shock (Electric-type) and Drill Peck (Flying-type)
  • Shadow Unfezant: Air Slash (Flying-type) and Sky Attack (Flying-type)

Finally, get your hands on the exclusive Shadow Pokemon, Lugia, and do not purify it. Its moveset with Extrasensory Aeroblast is a valuable weapon.

Furthermore, when going on Mega Raids to defeat Mega Heracross, choose a lineup with six Trainers for a smooth victory. But if you can launch 40 counterattacks, you can win with two Trainers as well, although it is nearly impossible.

You should join Remote Raids and Raid Battles with your friends through a Raid Party. Get four to six trainers on your team with a Pokemon lineup, including Megas and Shadows, who can land strong flying-type attacks.

Defeating Mega Heracross with Bug, Dark, Fighting, Grass, and Ground-type attacks is very difficult. Flying-type attacks are the only way to win Raid Battles against Mega Heracross!

Its raid counters include Flying, Fairy, Fire, and Psychic-type Pokemon.

Mega Heracross Specifications and Attacks Raid Analysis 

Mega Heracross evolved from Heracross. The latter is obsessed with sweet nectar and will fight anyone to keep it safe. Thus, it uses a massive horn on its head. It is powerful enough to throw an opponent 100 times bigger than Heracross.

Mega Heracross Specifications and Attacks Raid Analysis 
Mega Heracross Specifications and Attacks Raid Analysis

Once evolved, it becomes more challenging to defeat Mega Heracross. It can lift opponents with its drill peck and lift things 500 times its weight. The megaevolution can build up an intense amount of energy. Thus making it a powerful raid boss.

CP level for Mega Heracross in a normal raid is around 51,078.

The average CP range is 1693 to 1772 CP and 2116 to 2215 CP in rainy/cloudy weather. Strategize your raids during weather conditions, particularly windy, rainy, or cloudy weather. This helps boost the effectiveness of flying and psychic-type moves against Mega Heracross.

To defeat Mega Heracross, anticipate the counter (fast) and mega horn (bug) moves, as these are two of its best moves.

Moreover, a weak fighting type Pokemon will bear significant damage against Mega Hercross’ fighting same-type attack bonus (STAB move). The Pokemon specializes in an array of moves. These include mainly the bug and fighting dual-typing. It also helps in raids by increasing other players’ damage outputs. Here are some of the other common bug and fighting-type moves by Mega Heracross:

Fast Moves:

* Counter (Fighting)

* Struggle Bug (Bug)

Charged Moves:

* Megahorn (Bug)

* Earthquake (Ground)

* Close Combat (Fighting)

* Rock Blast (Rock)

The easiest way to defeat Mega Heracross in the upcoming Raid Battle is to use a team of flying-type Pokémon with Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks.

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