PlayStation VR2 to launch in early 2023 

PlayStation VR2 to launch in early 2023 

Humanity takes a giant generational leap forward with the PlayStation VR2. 

PlayStation VR was launched in 2016 for PS4. Now PSVR 2 will be joining PS5 in early 2023. It was expected by the end of 2022, but supply chain issues pushed the launch to 2023. 

Tech analysts commented far before the launch was announced that the mass production of PS VR 2 will begin in the second half of 2022. Many fans were anticipating a big launch in the holiday season. However, the recent tweets from PlayStation regional accounts put all the rumours at rest by announcing the final release year. 

Sony revealed the launch details on 23rd August 2022. PlayStation UK took their Twitter to announce the release date of the long-awaited PS VR 2. PlayStation aficionados were clearly very excited in the replies. Other regions also shared the release year in their languages. 

Sony has kept the release date loose but mentioned “early” to emphasize that nothing is final. 

But what do we expect from the PlayStation VR2? 

Sony is keeping things hidden in the meantime. As we know, tech companies guard their ventures notoriously. The only official information is available on their official website. There are some mentions about the PS VR 2 in PlayStation blogs.  

But what do we expect from the PlayStation VR2?
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However, PS VR 2 is already the next big thing in the world. PlayStation calls PS VR 2 “the next generation of virtual reality gaming.” But is it good enough to attract PSVR users? 

What’s in PS VR2 for gamers? 

The uniquely immersive PlayStation VR2 Sense™ technology, as PlayStation calls it, will bring life to the gaming world in an immersive and thrilling way. In their recent blog, Sony reveals more details about the upcoming virtual reality gaming headset. 

See-through feature

The early introduction to PSVR 2 seems promising. PS VR 2 is entirely different from PS VR. The new see-through feature allows users to see the surrounding without taking it off. It has front cameras embedded in the headset for easy switching. 

Customized Play Area 

Recalibrating the play area after the initial setting with the PS VR was arduous. The embedded cameras in PS VR 2 allow easy scanning, and Sense controllers permit room expansion. You can customize your play area according to your room environment and play style. It is a propitious feature for players who change their room settings frequently. 

Cinematic Mode 

The 1920 x 1080 HD resolution with 24Hz/60Hz frame rate of the cinematic mode hit the big time. It is certainly better than PS VR. The specs are impressive in the regular VR mode too. The OLED display method with 2000 x 2040 HDR is what PS VR players can only dream of.

How can you play on PlayStation VR2?

To play on PS VR 2, you will need PS5. It is not hidden that Sony is currently dealing with the PS5 shortage. It is meaningless to imagine Sony would launch PS VR 2 before the shortage ends.

How can you play on PlayStation VR2?
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Sony, a renowned Japanese company, is adored for its time-orientedness and discipline needs to solve the existing issues before indulging in others. Perhaps this is why Sony is planning to initially mass produce 1.5 million PS VR 2 units as opposed to 1 million PS5 consoles. 

PS VR 2 will have 20 major games, including Resident Evil and some other big names. Sony is yet to unveil more details about the upcoming PlayStation VR2. The initial looks indicate that it’ll be “the thing to own.” Some fans will surely miss PS VR2 this holiday. Hopefully, they’ll be able to play with the headset next year. 

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