OpenAI ChatGPT 5 Features, Release Date, Price and Everything Expected

The bridge between human and machine communication is probably just around the corner. OpenAI Chat GPT 5 is an agent with multimodal inputs that give human-like responses. According to the OpenAI CEO, it is superior to the previous models. Find out everything about OpenAI ChatGPT 5 before its official release.

OpenAI Chat GPT 5 Rumored Features 

For now, there are only speculations about how the OpenAI ChatGPT 5 will be. Compared to the pre-existing AI models from other conglomerates, the following upgraded abilities can be anticipated.

ChatGPT-5 is highly anticipated to be multimodal, indicating its ability to process inputs beyond text alone, although the full extent of this capability remains uncertain.

ChatGPT 5
ChatGPT 5

Models like Google’s Gemini 1.5 can comprehend various modalities, including text, images, videos, speech, code, spatial information, and music. It’s reasonable to expect that ChatGPT-5 may possess similar multifaceted capabilities.

OpenAI ChatGPT 5 – Transition from Chatbot to Agent 

This transition will allow OpenAI ChatGPT 5 to delegate tasks to sub-models or work autonomously with various services to execute real-world actions.

This model aligns with broader industry trends and is shown by innovations like the Rabbit r1 AI device. Such devices enable users to go beyond simple question-and-answer interactions with AI, allowing them to delegate everyday tasks such as handling calls, booking flights, or generating spreadsheets based on gathered data.

Agents could undertake daily life management by automating tasks based on user preferences and data. For instance, with OpenAI ChatGPT 5, users could provide dietary requirements, grant access to their smart fridge camera, and link their grocery store account, enabling the agent to reorder groceries as needed autonomously. Hence, working more as a personal assistant than just a mere chatbot.

While widespread adoption of the new technology may not occur this year, it undoubtedly represents the trajectory of the AI industry. As more smart devices and systems become interconnected, the potential for agents to streamline and enhance daily tasks grows exponentially.

Nonetheless, OpenAI’s CEO promised that the next-generation model will be significantly better than the currently available GPT-4 Turbo.

OpenAI ChatGPT 5 Release Date Has Not Been Disclosed Yet 

OpenAI Chat GPT 5 release date is still in the wraps.

April 22 marks OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s 39th birthday, and speculation is swirling that the company may unveil something significant. It may include Sora, the AI voice product Voice Engine, or the highly anticipated OpenAI ChatGPT 5. Reports suggest that it might come out in mid-2024.

It remains uncertain whether the internal dispute at OpenAI towards the end of last year impacted the development of GPT 5.

On November 17, the company’s board of directors removed Mr. Sam Altman from his position due to conflicting perspectives on the future of AI. However, Mr. Altman eventually returned to his role alongside a new board.

Some ChatGPT users previously reported that the bot had mentioned it was powered by a new AI model called GPT-4.5 Turbo, but this turned out to be an error.

OpenAI is currently in the training phase for GPT-5. After training completion, the model will undergo internal safety testing and additional “red teaming” to detect and resolve potential issues before its public release. The release date might be postponed depending on the stages of the safety testing period and massive GPU training.

Looking at OpenAI’s GPT release timeline, it’s noticeable that the intervals between updates are becoming shorter. GPT-1 was introduced in June 2018, followed by GPT-2 in February 2019, then GPT-3 in June 2020. The current version, ChatGPT (GPT-3.5), was released in December 2022, with GPT-4 following just three months later in March 2023.

Expected Price of the Upcoming GPT-5 

While a free version of ChatGPT exists, it remains uncertain whether ChatGPT-5 will follow a subscription model like its predecessor. The ChatGPT Plus subscription plan, priced at $20 per month, offers users exclusive benefits such as priority access, faster response times, plugin usage, and access to GPT-4 and DALL·E, the in-house AI image model.


Considering the high costs associated with training and maintaining language models, it’s probable that access to OpenAI Chat GPT 5 will necessitate a subscription to ChatGPT Plus or a similar service like Copilot Pro.

The launch of OpenAI Chat GPT 5 could potentially lower the cost of GPT-4, making it more accessible to users. Previously, the steep price of GPT-4 has limited its adoption. However, ChatGPT’s ability to handle complex coding, translation, and research tasks could be significantly enhanced as it becomes more affordable and widely available.

However, these claims have not yet been confirmed by any official sources. Thus, they must be seen as speculative until OpenAI confirms them through official channels or detailed releases. The actual features and implementations may differ from the original release because of all the ongoing developments and ethical considerations in AI, which is changing the world of technology every day.

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