Delta Flight Catches Fire at Seattle Airport New Video Emerged

Delta Flight Catches Fire at Seattle Airport
Delta Flight Catches Fire at Seattle Airport

An Airbus A321neo, a Delta Airlines airplane, was recently interrupted by a horrific fire incident when it landed at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport today, May 16, 2024. The flight carried 189 passengers, two pilots, and four attendants and started its journey from Cancun, Mexico. 

The airline company has recently disclosed to some news outlets that the front fire in the airplane took place because the nose of the Delta aircraft got burnt into flames due to a sudden electrical issue. 

The video of the fire incident that is surfacing online shows the nose of the aircraft being caught in the fire, and a bright light and black smoke are emitting from the helicopter. This sudden incident forced the onboard passengers to exit the flight through the emergency exits to save their lives.

When the incident happened, all the passengers were quickly advised to leave the plane using the emergency doors because of a fire in the front. Some people stated that almost everyone on the airplane got off calmly; however, some panicked after seeing the situation. There was also a little pushing and shoving in the narrow passages of the aircraft as the passengers were trying to get down. 

Investigations are underway for the incident, but a recent development states that the airplane involved was less than two years old. The fire started because a cord connected to the airplane caught fire in front of it.

Delta Flight Catches Fire at Seattle Airport
Delta Flight Catches Fire at Seattle Airport

A spokesperson for the Airline company stated that when the passengers were getting down from Flight 604 on the evening of May 6, 2024, the flight attendants noticed some bright light and black smoke coming out from the nose of the plane. They told everybody to use the back exits to get off the plane to ensure nobody panicked. 

All the onboard passengers exited the aircraft safely, and each person went through customs in the International Arrivals Facility. As of now, the airplane is being checked and has been temporarily taken out of service. 

In the video circulating online, many passengers are seen taking their bags and luggage out with them. However, as per the Safety Guidelines, this is against the rules as it can lead to a slower evacuation of people and can also cause unnecessary harm and accidents.