We have the launch month of Soul Hackers 2 achieved! Atlus has therefore released a new trailer for the JRPG. Once again we hear the English voices in it. In the cyberpunk Japan of the future, a conflict between Yatagarasu and the Phantom League, two groups of demon summoners, awaits you. These meet in today’s video. It is known that the characters Arrow, Milady and Saizo were killed by the Phantom League.


Soul Hackers 2 is in the middle of 13. Set in the mid-19th century, where Aion watches over the world. It is a highly evolved being of data. Since a great disaster is imminent, Aion sends two physical images of itself into the world: protagonist Ringo and Figue.

To save the world, the two should protect two individuals who are essential to this endeavor. Unfortunately, these important goals are already dead. Fortunately, Ringo has mastered the so-called soul hack, with which she can bring the dead back to life.

One of the two important personalities is Arrow, a demon summoner. So he is brought back to life. Similarly, you build up a team of demon summoners, including Milady and Saizo.

In a war between demon summoners, it’s up to Ringo and her team to unlock the fate and save the world from the apocalypse. In this brand new story, hacking skills will decide whether the destruction of the world can be avoided.

The publication will take place on 21. August 2022 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC-Steam worldwide. Japanese and English voice output as well as English, French, Italian, German and Spanish texts have also been announced. Information on the Collector’s Edition and DLC plans can be found here. You can now also pre-order the standard version*.

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Artwork: Soul Hackers 2, Atlus