Pokémon Crimson and Crimson reveal some new details about multiplayer mode

Following today’s trailer, The Pokémon Company provided some more explanations, including a little more on multiplayer. So far there have only been a few details. We’ve already written here about why multiplayer could be the game changer for the series.

Today it was confirmed that the multiplayer functions can be used both locally and online. In the Paldea region you will find circles of friends in so-called PokéPortals, which you can use to invite your friends into the game.

“You can look for Pokémon that you haven’t discovered yet or even go through the race in the region. Enjoy everything that Paldea has to offer together with family and friends.”

This exceeds most expectations, because the multiplayer mode obviously has no limits. Until now, it was feared that there might be various restrictions.

Cheer on each other fighting wild Pokémon or show each other the Pokémon accompanying you. The circle of friends can be used in many different ways: Explore the area together and spend time together however you like!

Together you can also use the Tera presented today -Compete in raids where you can find rare Tera-type Pokemon. The PokéPortal also allows you to swap Pokémon via Link Swap or Spell Swap.

With Link Swap, you swap directly with a chosen person, while with Spell Swap, you release a Pokémon for trading and then randomly trades it with a Pokémon from a trainer in the world. The link fight is also possible in the PokéPortal, a direct fight against other trainers.

Even today we don’t know everything we need to know about the multiplayer mode. But after the first details were very vague, today there is a bit of the all-clear. The multiplayer mode is definitely more extensive than pessimists feared.

Pokémon Crimson and Crimson appear on 18 . November worldwide for Nintendo Switch and can already be pre-orderedat Amazon, for example. Did the new trailer convince you?

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