Metal Max: The IP is now owned by Cygames and that raises hopes

Cygames has announced that it has purchased the IP Metal Max from Kadokawa Games. Metal Max Xeno: Reborn was last released in Germany in June, and the spin-off Metal Dogs is still quite fresh. But there was also very bad news, because the development of Metal Max: Wild West was stopped. The project was originally known as Metal Max Xeno: Reborn 2, leaving the IP in the balance.

A future for the classic series

The original Metal Max was released 1991 so the series is over 30 years old. Cygames hasn’t mentioned any concrete plans yet, but obviously they have plans. Particularly promising for fans: Hiroshi Miyaoka, the creator of the IP, is now working at Cygames. Of course he is pleased to be able to continue working on “his” brand, he speaks of a “great opportunity”.

And further: “As director at Cygames, I, Hiroshi Miyaoka, will be involved in the revival of the Metal Max series. Currently we are still in the wild ideas phase, but I hope that the series will be reborn in a way that will not only reach the Metal Max fans but the hearts of RPG fans around the world . Look forward to it.”

You want to make the best console game

Producer Kenichiro Takaki also has his say in the press release. He is also now involved with Metal Max. He promises: “The project to develop the best console game starts now.” We know Takaki as the inventor of Senran Kagura, he has been with Cygames for three years now. There he mainly works on Project GAMM, a fantasy action game with magic, machines and multiplayer focus.

At Kadokawa Games there were also further sales recently. Lollipop Chainsaw was handed over to Dragami Games, who are now developing a remake. Yoshimi Yasuda works there, the former CEO of Kadokawa Games.

via Gematsu, Images: Cygames

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