The Japanese sales charts for the week of 18. July to 22. July 2022 are available. Live A Live, the HD2D remake of the SNES classic, was also released this week in Japan.

With 71.000 units sold, it tops the charts, but looks can be deceiving. As determined by Game Data Library, this is the weakest start of an HD2D game to date. It killed you 11 % weaker start than Triangle Strategy last time. Physical sales are also below the launch week of the original game by 1994.

Live A Live certainly didn’t have it easy a week before Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Digimon Survive, but so did the original by 1994 had this bad luck. It was released a week after EarthBound.

Is the great HD2D euphoria over? In view of this, over 71. Units of course out of the question. And at Square Enix they also have some plans for the special optics. Even if HD2D games are more expensive than we think.

A Nintendo game celebrated a milestone. Mario Party Superstars broke the million last week and can now join the many million sellers on Nintendo Switch.

The Software Charts:

    LIVE A LIVE (Square Enix, 04/22/21) – 71.137 (New)

    Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo, 04/28/20) – 24.871 (.527)