Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition: How to Pre-Order and Price

Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition: How to Pre-Order and Price

Fans of the Wizarding World, better known as Potterheads, will rejoice to hear that a new game of the series is coming out soon. Hogwarts Legacy was developed by Avalanche Software and was published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game is loosely based on the Harry Potter franchise. Its world will also feature much of the same universe. It will also contain some elements of the Fantastic Beasts spin-off. Here’s everything you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition.

Hogwarts Legacy will have a timeline of the 1800s. The plot revolves around a fifth-year Hogwarts student having access to an ancient, mysterious form of magic. This puts them in a position to reveal a secret that can have drastic effects on the Wizarding World.

Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition and Other Specials

Hogwarts Legacy has a standard edition that is just the base game and an Onyx Hippogriff, which is a pre-order bonus. The Deluxe edition contains the above items, as well as the Dark Arts Pack. The Collector’s Edition tops even that. It includes everything above, as well as a steel case, kelpie robe, and a life-size floating wand with a book base.

Hogwarts Legacy Collector's Edition and Other Specials
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In order to place a pre-order for the Collector’s Edition, you have to use the Hogwarts Legacy website. Go to the site and select the desired edition, select the platform and then select the store. Currently, Steam is not on the list of available stores, so pre-orders for PC cannot be placed just yet. However, stores are available on other platforms, so orders can be placed.

Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition Expected Release Date and Platform

Hogwarts Legacy is set for a release in early 2023. The exact date confirmed so far is the 10th of February, 2023. The game was unveiled at a PS5 event in September 2020. It runs on the Unreal Engine. The game has had two delays already, once to 2022 and then to 2023. There is no indication from the developers of any further delays. Let’s hope that is indeed the case.

Hogwarts Legacy Collector's Edition Expected Release Date and Platform
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The game will be released on PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, XBOX Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. It will also receive a Nintendo Switch port which does not have a definite release date yet. The system requirements for PC are also not yet known as the game does not have a Steam page.

The story, Gameplay Mechanics, and Visuals

The premise of the game has been discussed above. It seems like it will fit nicely into the open-world RPG approach of the game. Apart from the open world, players will interact with familiar characters from books and movies. These are, including but not limited to, The Fat Lady, the poltergeist Peeves and Nearly Headless Nick, or Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, as he insists on being called.

Hogwarts Legacy will also depict events that the franchise has only mentioned before, like the Goblin Rebellion, for instance. Players can visit the whole Hogwarts castle as well as the village of Hogsmead and the Forbidden Forest. The game has familiar RPG elements like creating a character, upgrading stats, and acquiring different spells and abilities. The player can also choose the character’s schoolhouse. Trading and crafting are also implemented in the game. Players can also interact with magical beasts.

Another very interesting addition is the ability to customize the Room of Requirement. Just imagine all the possibilities. A complex morality system will also force the players to consider every choice with caution as this affects friendships and can unlock additional dialogue options.

Controversy Behind Development

According to Warner Bros. Interactive, J. K. Rowling is not associated with the development of the game in any way. This will come as a relief to fans as J. K. Rowling has expressed some rather troubling views in the past. This, however, is not the only problem. Troy Leavitt, the lead designer of Hogwarts Legacy, was also under fire for his views on cultural appropriation and other such topics.

The portrayal of the fictional Goblin race in the franchise is often criticized. The reason is an alleged reference to antisemitism. With such a reputation, it is a wonder that the game has not been boycotted yet by the critics.

Conclusion: Should you give it a chance?

Undoubtedly, Hogwarts Legacy will have a promising story if it is executed correctly. Fans of the action RPG genre should definitely keep their eyes out for this one. At the same time, the dedicated Potterheads will also need to open their wallets a little bit more. That was all for today. Thank you for reading!

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