Super Bomberman R 2: The latest game in the SUPER BOMBERMAN R series is coming soon!

Super Bomberman R 2: The latest game in the SUPER BOMBERMAN R series is coming soon!

Super Bomberman R 2, one of the instalments of the Super Bomberman Series, is ready to enter the gaming world soon with all its new features and adventures.

The developers have recently announced the release of the Super Bomberman R 2 game this year, whose only announcement has taken the world by storm. 

Nevertheless, this hype is not surprising as we all know Konami, the developers of the Super Bomberman Series, have always released blockbuster action games for their gaming audiences. 

Considering this fact, let’s explore the details for which we are here.

These details include the release date, gameplay, and all the other essentials of the Super Bomberman R 2 game.

Super Bomberman R 2: Ready to Come to Your Screens 

The developers have provided two possible dates for the release of the Super Bomberman R 2.

This game will be released on the 13th of September for North Americans and will get available for Europe and Japan on the 14th of September this year. 

However, sadly this release date is only for players who own Switch consoles.

Yet, the good part is this game is also for Steam, Xbox, Xbox One series, and PlayStation console users; the release date is yet to come.

We know that the game will roll over anytime in September this year. 

The developers released the game’s essentials in June, calling it a sequel to the popular Super Bomberman R game. 

Super Bomberman R 2: The Latest Game in the SUPER BOMBERMAN R Series is Coming Soon!
Super Bomberman R 2: The Latest Game in the SUPER BOMBERMAN R Series is Coming Soon!

Super Bomberman R 2 Gameplay 

Being a sequel to the infamous SBR 2 game, Super Bomberman R 2 combines its new advanced features with the old classy ones to give you a whole new Bomberman experience. It includes Castle Mode and Story Mode. 

Here, the former enables the players to choose to fight to attack or for defence as per their preference.

It also allows you to either run to steal or save the keys at the castle. Yet, the latter calls for a Bomberman to travel to its enemy’s planet and fight them to survive. 

As an additional feature, the game allows players to design their dream castle and share it with their friends through social media. 

Furthermore, Super Bomberman R 2 contains both online and offline gaming modes.

It implies that the players can play their favourite action game offline or online with the computer or their friends and family, situated globally. 

Gaming Modes in Super Bomberman R 2 

Following are some of the gaming modes that the authorities have called part of the game: 

1. Story Mode 

This mode lets the players explore new locations with the character’s friends and fight the foes to survive. 

2. Stage Editor 

It allows you to customize the game stages and play to experience a new adventure. 

3. Room Match 

This gaming mode is a friendly and free mode where you can set a battle or a quick match with your friends and enjoy quality time together online.

4. Battle Mode 

This mode further characterizes into 4 battle types: 

  • Battle in the castle to attack or defend. The players are free to choose either of the sites accordingly. 
  • Standard Battle is the old-school battle mode prevalent in all the Super Bomberman Series. 
  • Grand Prix involves combat between the teams. 
  • Battle 64 is a kind of survival battle where the players have to fight with other 64 players to get to the position of being the first Bomberman. 

5. Grade Match 

It is also comparatively a free mode where you set a battle to fight with players from worldwide. 

6. Offline Mode 

One can also play Super Bomberman R 2 offline alone on a single gaming console or with friends by connecting controllers equal to the number of players. 

So, are you excited about September 2023? The good news is it’s also the game’s franchise’s anniversary that month, so the gift is probably confirmed. 

Yet, we still have to wait for the confirmed news for some time.

Until then, we can expect Super Bomberman R 2 to release on the provided dates; it’s too hard to wait.

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