How to Read a Disney Lorcana Card? Casting, Cost and Everything You Need To Know

How to Read a Disney Lorcana Card? Casting, Cost and Everything You Need To Know

Disney Lorcana, a new trading card game developed by Disney and Ravensburger, will release in the fall season of 2023, with cards featuring abilities, strength, willpower, Lore value, and other features.

Considering this, let’s explore Disney and Ravensburger’s instructions on How to read a Disney Lorcana Card, including casting cost, stats, ink colour, and abilities. 

How to read a Disney Lorcana card?

It is the most demanded question as it is considerably challenging to comprehend everything on a Disney Lorcana card initially. The rationale is TCG features six ink colours and three different card kinds. Each card has a casting fee that one can pay by Exerting Cards from Inkwell. Some have a stat for strength and willpower with Lore values, while some have unique talents.

So, the quick answer to How to read Disney Lorcana cards in this instance is as follows.

Each Disney Lorcana card bears a designation. These are the categories for cards like Items and Actions. Characters that haven’t been used in a game yet can have additional classifications.

How to read a Disney Lorcana Card: Casting Cost and Inking

As mentioned above, each card in Disney Lorcana has a casting fee.

* Amber

* Amethyst

* Emerald

* Ruby

* Sapphire

* Steel

This pricing is mentioned in the card’s upper right-corner hexagon. Each card has an ink colour, and each deck of 60 cards can only contain up to two different ink colours.

The Lorcana card’s classifications are next to the Ink symbol under the card’s name.

How to Read a Disney Lorcana Card? Casting, Cost and Everything You Need To Know
How to Read a Disney Lorcana Card? Casting, Cost and Everything You Need To Know

How to read a Disney Lorcana Card: Character-specific items

In contrast to other cards, Lorcana characters feature goods and symbols. There are symbols for willpower and strength right next to the card’s name. 

A shield-shaped symbol represents willpower, and a circle represents strength. In gaming, players are pitted against each other, and these two stats determine damage and survivability.

Characters are also given a Lore value, and the card’s Lore value is added to the player’s overall Lore value when a character is used. A player with a Lore count of 20 wins the game, which one can do by sending a character on a quest. 

How to read a Disney Lorcana Card: Abilities and Effects

Certain Lorcana cards feature abilities and effects noted in a text box beneath the ink colour. 

Specific game-related effects and abilities cost money or are activated only when certain other events occur.

Others include features like Rush on an item card, such as White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch, which allows a card to break the rules.

How to read a Disney Lorcana Card: Playing Characters

The Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game is based on characters and spells as these cards construct the decks. The objective of each deck is to collect 20 Lore counters to win the game. Players must pay the card’s Ink cost in Disney Lorcana to cast characters and spells. While one can cast specific abilities for free, some may have an ink cost. Yet, the cards in the Inkwell are where it all begins.

How to read a Disney Lorcana Card: Songs

A song is a substitute cost in the Disney Lorcana TCG game. There will be Songs on some actions that give players an additional opportunity to pay for that action. Songs that start with the phrase “A character with cost “X” or more can exert to sing this Song for free”. 

The game charges a considerable cost if a character on the battlefield has an Ink cost greater than two. Yet, the players can play a Song for free with an Inkwell casting cost of two.  

So, reading a Disney Lorcana card can be a bit complicated. However, we hope that this article has helped you to understand How to read a Disney Lorcana Card.

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