GoldenEye 007 Returns is Now Available on Switch and Xbox, But Needs Several Fixes

GoldenEye 007 Returns to two consoles: Nintendo Switch and Xbox, and this news wasn’t less than a relief to the hearts of the gamers. In context, the fans of this 64 shooting game have been looking forward to this release for a long time and are happy for GoldenEye 007 Return after several rumors, delays, and announcements.

However, this Goldeneye 007 Returns release isn’t as exciting as it should be due to the errors in the gaming consoles it supports. Yet, still, the fact that it is available in the current year is a real treat for the fans.

Nevertheless, its emulation version was available on different gaming consoles. The existence of the game as a whole is always intriguing. The same is the case with GoldenEye 007 Returns news.

It has enabled everyone to download and play the game on their gaming consoles without worrying about having Game Pass, minimum ROM, or meeting other system requirements. It’s surprising and exciting to play such classic games as of 1997 in modern times like we play modern games.

It is the first James Bond development offering a first-person shooting game; it entered the market in 1997 and marked its official release in 2023.

GoldenEye 007 Returns is Now Available on Switch and Xbox, But Need Several Fixes
GoldenEye 007 Returns is Now Available on Switch and Xbox, But Needs Several Fixes

Yet, the only sad part is that these consoles still need some work to fix the bugs that interrupt the gaming experience. Let’s delve deeper into what issues the consoles need to resolve to make the experience worthwhile.

GoldenEye 007 Returns on Nintendo Switch and Xbox: Need Various Bug Fixes

The first thing is Xbox doesn’t support online multiplayer, and we all know that only Switch would offer access to this port; it is still disappointing and not in one way or another.

It is not disappointing in an instance that at least it offers the split-screen version of multiplayer like the good old times. Yet, not being able to avail multiplayer port has disappointed people who have that 1997 GoldenEye 007 Returns experience fresh in their minds.

Besides, GoldenEye 007 returns get locked at 30fps, and according to the reports, the rationale behind it is the new version employs the ROM code of the 1997 game version.

Yet, gamers have found a temporary solution and are playing the game at increased frames per second on their PC consoles. But regardless, it brings forth another error: low text resolution or font. The gamers have also resolved this themselves.

Other bugs include audio errors, textures, and geometrical seams and rips that the gamers reported facing while playing the game on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. The GoldenEye 007 Returns developers answered these bug fixes saying that the reason behind it is the game’s conversion to HD from SD.

Yet, again, the gamers have considerably resolved this problem by introducing 1964 GEPD to the game. This introduction has extensively reduced the appearance of seams and rips as you pass the levels. They reported playing the game even at 4K HD resolution at 60 frames per second with 1964 GEPD.

Fans Ask for Bug Fixes in GoldenEye007 Returns

Despite finding temporary situations, fans are asking the developers to upgrade GoldenEye 007 Returns to double the incredibility of the experience. However, resolving these issues is challenging as the developers have only been concerned with bringing the game to modern times.

Therefore, the developers have employed a similar emulation of the game launched in 2015 for retro Rare.

So, we all want the developers to upgrade the game to at least 60 frames per second. Yet, we can’t deny that even playing the game today is still more unbelievable than playing it with high resolution and fps on Xbox.

Even the GoldenEye 007 Returns on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch will do wonders if you only want to enjoy the game as a quick resting solution. Yet, you all know where to go when you want to play the game with full swings.

Hopefully, GoldenEye 007 Returns will also see the modern light like other video games do soon.

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