Atomic Heart Has a New Trailer Along With Release Date

Atomic Heart Has a New Trailer Along With Release Date

Atomic Heart, a brand new AAA game, has finally received a release date and trailer. After months of silence, this is excellent news for fans of hybrid first-person shooter/role-playing games.

Russian company Mundfish, known for the VR game Soviet Lunapark that was later shut down, is working on an upcoming action role-playing video game called Atomic Heart. The game is scheduled for a Fall 2022 release on Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X, and Xbox XS.

When the conflict in Ukraine broke out, the hype train for Atomic Heart abruptly came to a halt and never got going again. Mundfish, a company located in Russia, has continued development. The game appeared low-key during an Xbox media conference earlier this year as part of a chart promoting all the titles launching in 2022.

In time for Gamescom, the developer has released the first official trailer for the game in months, showcasing the game’s impressive-looking action and perhaps more than in any prior trailers. This time around, the outcomes are even more astounding.

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An Arsenal of Firearms and Technological Might

Atomic Heart is a graphically gorgeous BioShock-inspired shooter, and it has been a while since we’ve seen any new footage of the game. However, developer Mundfish has just released a new combat trailer, and it will leave you gasping for air.

The action is nonstop and packed with special effects of all kinds. Regular opponent confrontations are tough enough on their own, but we also glimpse a couple of bosses.

The battle system of the game was also shown in the trailer. And it seems like you’ll have a reasonably cool armory to play with, with everything from wild abilities to melee weapons and firearms.

An Arsenal of Firearms and Technological Might
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The trailer also showcases the player’s ability to engage in battle against swarms of robotic foes. They all have a menacing vibe, from the standard automaton grunts to the enormous monsters. Consequently, action role-playing meets first-person shooter in Atomic Heart.

Gameplay in Atomic Heart

The gameplay involves using makeshift weaponry for both ranged and close-quarters combat. Each weapon results from a laborious assembly process using various metal components salvaged from dismantled robots and commonplace appliances.

Cassettes are an upgrade mechanism that may be used on weapons. In this game, ammunition is limited, and stealth is an available tactic. The game also has timed activities that players must complete quickly.

What Can You Expect From Atomic Heart?

In the future of Atomic Heart, a malfunction at a Soviet facility has triggered a robot insurrection. Major P-3’s mission is to contain the situation and prevent vital information from falling into the wrong hands.

What Can You Expect From Atomic Heart?
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The enraged robots, however, need the use of weaponry. Also, it seems like you get a good selection of them. We can’t deny that Atomic Heart reminds us of BioShock excellently. It looks like a lot of fun to put your adversaries in a deep freeze, pull them into the air with your power-charged glove, and then beat them with a homemade melee weapon.

Atomic Heart’s Plot And Setting

The events of Atomic Heart occurred in the Soviet Union in a different 1955. The Soviet Union beat Nazi Germany in 1941 because of technological advances in robotics made in the 1930s but at a considerably higher human cost.

By the end of the 1940s, this led to the widespread automation of work in the Soviet Union and the creation of a proto-Internet dubbed the “Collectiv 1.0” to connect these robots.

At the same time, neuro-polymer, a programmable module based on living tissue, was developed by scientist Dmitriy Sechenov. Sechenov, a firm believer in the power of the collective mind, has set his 55th birthday, 1955, as the date for the release of the “Collectiv’s” most advanced version.

Ending Note

Mundfish has been steadily chipping away at Atomic Heart over the last several years, and we’ve seen glimpses of their progress here and there. There was fighting, exploring, a tale, and a frightening clown foe. Every fresh bit of gameplay video I watch increases my awe for this game. What we witnessed today suggests that the pieces of Atomic Heart fit together well.

In this alternate 1980s timeline, it seems like we will be spending the holidays blast-freezing, shattering, and pounding robots. Even today, with so many trailers and an unknown release date, we still don’t know anything about the game itself. Whatever it is, it has our attention more than anything else we have witnessed this year. That is all for today’s article. Thank you for reading.

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