Apple Vision Pro Games: Every Confirmed AR/VR Game So Far

Apple Vision Pro’s Arcade has opened up a new dimension for gamers and started a new era of spatial gaming. Every player’s dream is to find a medium connecting the real world with the gaming one. And this is precisely what Apple Vision Pro games will offer. The user will have complete control over how the games operate. It’s up to you whether you want to control them via eye movements, hand gestures, or even your voice!

Before describing the games, you should know that they differ from what you expect. Apple has instead called them ‘spatial’ games. AR/VR gaming on Vision Pro is revolutionary, but the choices are limited. Hopefully, the list will grow over time. Unlike other gaming sets, the Vision Pro has no additional gaming controllers.

Blackbox by Ryan McLeod

This game was inspired by iOS’s popular app Shapes & Stories. The players will have to solve challenges. But here’s the twist: these challenges can only be passed by rotating the device at certain angles.

Apple Vision Pro Games
Apple Vision Pro Games

Game Room by Resolution Games

Game Room is another one of Apple Vision Pro’s launch games. It’s a board & card game amalgamating Chess, Solitaire, Hearts, Yacht and Sea Battle.

The multi-player option allows you to play with people, but you can also use AI as a player!

Puzzling Places by

As the name suggests, Puzzling Places is a 3D jigsaw puzzle game. It offers photo-realistic puzzles and has launched in three locations:

  1. The 25-piece Cozy Cabin puzzle in the Czech forest.
  2. The 100-piece interior of the Prayer Hall in the Uzbek Registan complex.
  3. The UNESCO world heritage site Mont Saint-Michel.

Super Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios

A viral mobile game has made it to the Apple Arcade. Now, Apple Vision Pro users will be able to slice fruits, which will give them a more realistic view. Slicing is not the only catch to it! You can also throw ninja stars, backhand bombs, and more.

Synth Riders by Kluge Interactive

Upon entering the game’s realm, the user’s environment becomes futuristic. It allows gamers to catch notes, ride the rails, and avoid obstacles.

What The Golf? by Triband

The combination of golf, humor, and Apple Vision Pro is a powerful statement.

What The Golf?’ is a parody game that completely goes against the principle of physics. In simpler terms, it has been designed to offer gamers a good time. It provides a unique opportunity to play golf with everyday things like cars, animals, planets, and more bizarre stuff.

The game supports maximum physical movement by introducing mini-golf courses in different areas to get the perfect golf shot.

Wisp World by Liquid City

In Wisp World, a mysterious forest has invaded the city forests, with beastly plants growing all around. It gives the gamers rich lore of the surroundings and an overall soothing experience.

It is a perfect tiny forest for your desk. Feed the plants and help your virtual friends grow. Conversations with the creatures will be ideal for ending a stressful day.

Wylde Flowers by Studio Drydock Pty Ltd

You can cast spells or do extraordinary things in this virtual garden of Wylde Flowers from the comfort of your home. In addition, gamers can explore Fairhaven and interact with its charismatic characters.

LEGO Builder’s Journey by LEGO

LEGO Builder has indeed taken hyperrealism to an entirely different level. Being able to choose and pick up blocks while solving the puzzle is one of its many things in store. To make the game more interactive, there are levels that one has to pass to progress. And there’s exciting storytelling, which will keep you engaged throughout the course.

stitch. by Lykke Studio

It offers a more soothing gaming experience and is perfect for all embroidery lovers. If you love embroidery but dislike hunting for raw material, ‘stitch.’ is ideal.

The list of Apple Vision Pro games is lengthy, but Apple aims to add more games over time. Alto’s Odyssey, Gibbon, and Spire Blast by Orbital Knight are a few more that will soon launch on the device.

Do I have to pay for individual games in Vision Pro?

Apple Arcade, designed specifically for Apple devices, requires a subscription fee. With this monthly fee, you gain access to multiple games. It won’t allow in-app purchases from Arcade. But with a catalog of 250+ games catering to different genres, you won’t get to complain.

Well, that was all about Apple Vision Pro games. We’ll try to update this site if you need any new games. So, remember to bookmark this page!

Umama Siddiqui
Umama Siddiqui
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