16 Alone in the Dark PC Requirements, Storyline, and Development

Alone in the Dark, PC Requirements are enlisted in a considerably long list. Yet, these become worth ensuring when the game is this intriguing, like Alone in the Dark. 

Alone in the Dark is a series of six horror survival games falling into the category of dark games. The gamers control the character, namely Edward C., as he explores the house haunted by the dead.

16 Alone in the Dark PC Requirements, Storyline, and Development
16 Alone in the Dark PC Requirements, Storyline, and Development

Initially owned by Atari Sa., in 2018, the authorities sold the Alone in the Dark game series to THQ Nordic. For extensive information, the Alone in the Dark survival horror games series has taken inspiration from Lovecraft’s books, Voodoo, the Wild west, etc. 

Alone in the Dark PC Requirements

Following is the list of Alone in the Dark PC Requirements that you should ensure to enjoy an uninterrupted and trouble-free gaming experience.

Minimum Alone in the Dark PC Requirements

  • Intel Pentium D 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 +3800 Processor 
  • Users having the Operating system XP Windows should have 1 GB of memory space available and 2 GB for Vista owners
  • Windows of 32-bit and 64-bit is required
  • PC should have graphics of minimum NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX or an ATI Radeon X1650 XT power
  • 256 MB video memory minimum requirement
  • 3D is another foremost Alone in the Dark PC Requirement
  • 3.0 Shadow Depth/Pixel and Shading Depth 
  • 8.5% free disk space with a sound card and DVD-ROM 

Suggested Alone in the Dark PC Requirements

  • 2 GB RAM for both Windows XP and VISTA
  • Intel Pentium Core 2 with a processing speed of 2.2 GHz
  • Bit versions similar to the minimum requirement
  • Recommended Graphic cards should have a performance level near or equal to NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS or ATI Radeon HD3850
  • 8.5 GB disk space with DVD-ROM, sound card, and Technical & legal Hardware
  • 3.0 Shading Depth in pixels and for Vertices
  • Recommended Alone in the Dark PC Requirement for Video Memory is around 512 MB
  • DirectX version 9.0c is both suggested, and the minimum version

These are the officially released Alone in the Dark PC requirements. Meeting only the minimum ones will also do the job, offering you the incredible experience you deserve. 

Let’s take a brief look into the development phases and the game’s storyline. 

Alone in the Dark PC Storyline 

The first three Alone in the Dark series revolves around a detective’s private eye, Edward Carnby. The story moves forward as Edward Carnby examines unusual instances in the haunted house.

The story began in 1924 when a dealer asked the detective to investigate a piano found in the derelict Louisiana estate of Derceto. The context of the story is here the estate’s owner commits suicide. All three series follow different locations and investigation tasks of Edward Carnby, and the gamers are in control of this main character.

Apart from 1920’s prequels, Alone in the Dark 2008 sequel incorporates advanced features to make it realistic with 2008. However, Edward Carnby is the only one who got possessed in 1920 and is still alive. He is of middle age yet still looks young. 

Alone in the Dark PC Development

AFTER STARTING HIS EMPLOYMENT IN INFOGRAMES, Fredrick R. began working on this project under the name, developing a side engine. Didier C., with his already-developed 3D models, designed the first attic or room of this gaming series.

The Gaming Core crew included the artwork of Yal Barroz to give the game’s 3D prototype proper finishing. However, the Infogrames director and the game’s team came into an argument soon after releasing the first game of the Alone in the Dark series. It was followed by several crew members leaving Infogrames to develop Adeline Software International.

Yet, for good measure, they had already planned some parts of the sequel before leaving. For example, Edward Carnby dressing as Santa Clause, etc. Alone in the Dark 2 and 3 are almost identical to the initial game’s engine, with a few changes. 

It was about Alone in the Dark PC Requirements, storyline, and development. For further queries, you can visit the official website or play the game itself to have a look. 


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