Will there be a Rebel Moon 3 on Netflix?

Rebel Moon 3 may take place after Rebel Moon—Part 2: The Scargiver topped the global box office during its first weekend of release on Netflix. It is not yet officially scheduled.

Like the original film, the sequel received negative reviews from critics but saw strong sales on the streaming platform. Zack Snyder has already begun planning Rebel Moon Part 3, even though we’ll have to wait to determine whether it happens.

Regarding the plot, we have undoubtedly been working on Part Three. Regarding the series’ future, he spoke with Forbes, saying, “We know where we’re all headed—we’ve known that for quite a while, to be honest.” Furthermore, Rebel Moon 3 might only be the beginning, as Snyder revealed to Radio Times that, depending on whether he divides upcoming storylines into two films as he did with the first two, we might see four or six films.

“We completed all that work, so we are positive that the story is set. We’ll see how things go because we wrote the movie’s treatment,” he said. In light of that, the following contains all the information you require for a possible Rebel Moon 3.

Rebel Moon 3
Rebel Moon 3

Release date for Rebel Moon 3: When will Part 3 of Rebel Moon be available on Netflix?

As of April 2024, Netflix has not officially confirmed the release date of Rebel Moon 3.

The first two Rebel Moon films were released in just four months, so if a third film is produced, we will have to wait longer. Snyder is not expecting to film it right after, even if he is planning it.

“We’re waiting for the director’s cut and the release of these films in their entirety. Before we determine what to do with further Rebel Moon films, I’m probably going to do this other little, quick film’, he said to GamesRadar+.

Since Snyder has discussed several films in recent years, the “other little small movie” might be anything. Army of the Dead 2, which might also have to squeeze in someplace, is most likely ruled out.

Whatever the case, it does imply that Rebel Moon 3 filming won’t begin until at least 2025, if not later. Thus, if a new Rebel Moon film is ever confirmed, we may have to wait until 2026.

Rebel Moon 3 cast

Rebel Moon 3
Rebel Moon 3

Rebel Moon 3 hasn’t been announced yet, so we don’t have official cast announcements, but we can make a reasonable estimate.

Rebel Moon 2’s remaining rebels, including Sofia Boutella as Kora, Djimon Hounsou as Titus, Staz Nair as Tarak, Elise Duffy as Milius, and Cleopatra Coleman as Devra Bloodaxe, will all return.

Sadly, Doona Bae’s Nemesis and Michiel Huisman’s Gunnar perished in the war on Veldt; thus, they won’t return in the third film unless we witness flashbacks.

Along with the return of Veldt residents Aris (Sky Yang), a former Motherworld soldier, and Sam (Charlotte Maggi), we can also anticipate hearing from Anthony Hopkins, who plays Jimmy, again.

As the antagonist, Fra Fee should make a comeback as Regent Balisarius. Ed Skrein’s return as Atticus Noble is unlikely, but since Noble has already escaped death in this series, you can’t completely count him out.

One narrative is told in two parts in the first Rebel Moon installment, Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire, which comes out in 2023, and Part Two: The Scargiver. Netflix has provided Snyder with a fantastic creative space, and the streamer appears to have fully committed to several of the director’s most ambitious projects. One of Netflix’s most ambitious films to date, Rebel Moon has an epic scale that spans more than one or two films. In addition to his intentions for a more extensive multimedia franchise, Snyder appears to be working on a third installment.

AS mentioned above, Rebel Moon 3 isn’t yet confirmed, but if you want to enjoy a few shows and movies then you can wait for Sweet Tooth Season 3, The Kardashians Season 5 and 100 Years of Solitude.

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