Wicked Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer

Since the beginning of 2024, movie lovers have been treated to some fantastic films and one such movie which is ready to stand out from the bunch of extraordinary movies released this year is the Broadway Musical, Wicked. The movie directed by Jon M. Chu, is ready to be released on the big screen after nearly ten years of being in the talks.

Everything seems to be back in line for the musical movie as it has been delayed several times due to the SAG-AFTRA and WAG strikes. But now we have a release date and the full list of the cast along with the trailer which was released during the Super Bowl 2024. 

Although the trailer has got everyone excited about the Wicked movie, the viewers have to wait for the premiere of the movie on the silver screen. So, let us delve into everything that has been revealed about the Wicked movie!

What Is The Release Date Of Wicked Movie?

Wicked Movie

In a tweet on 26th April 2022, Jon M. Chu, the director of the movie said that the Musical Broadway movie will be released in two parts. He mentioned that as the whole team worked on this production in the previous year, they tried more and more to fit the entire story into one movie without hurting the storyline. But it seemed impossible.

So the production team has decided to release not just one movie but to release it in two parts. Now, with a bigger canvas, there will be more detailed storytelling and surprises for the viewers.

Initially, it was revealed that the movie would be released in 2019 but it was pushed back to 22nd December 2021. However, due to COVID-19, it was further delayed to 25th December 2024 for Part 1 and 25th December 2025 for Part 2.

Wicked Movie

But now, the release date of Wicked Part 1 has been moved earlier to 27th November 2024 for Part 1 and 26th November 2025 for Part 2, as per a Twitter post. As of now, the runtimes of both parts are not revealed by anyone, so stay tuned as we will update this page as soon as it is revealed.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Wicked?

Since the release date has been revealed, the full cast list of the movie has also been announced. On 4th November 2021, it was confirmed that Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo will play the lead roles of Galinda and Elphaba in the movie. Here is the full list of the cast members who will be seen in Wicked:

Wicked Movie

  • Madame Morrible played by Michelle Yeoh
  • Wizard played by Jeff Goldblum
  • Fiyero played by Jonathan Bailey
  • Miss Coddle played by Keala Settle
  • Pfannee played by Bowen Yang
  • ShenShen played by Bronwyn James
  • Boq played Ethan Slater
  • Nikidik played Colin Michael Carmichael
  • Nessarose played Marissa Bode
  • Avaric played Aaron Teoh Guan Ti
  • Dr. Dillamond played by Peter Dinklage

A featurette was released on YouTube in which both Arina and Cynthia reacted to both being selected as the lead actors in the movie. Glinda Kristen Chenoweth posted on Instagram and congratulated Ariana Grande for the lead role in the Wicked movie.


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Also, the Original Elphaba Idina Menzel posted on Twitter congratulating the two amazing women for their roles in the Musical Broadway movie.

What Will Be The Plotline Of Wicked?

Wicked Movie

In Part One of the Wicked movie, the viewers will see the same story as the Broadway show. It will follow the lives and will center around the relationship between Elphaba and Galinda. In the movie, Galinda is labeled as the most mean girl whereas Elphaba is an introvert and a studious girl. However, some new songs might also be added to the soundtrack we already know.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2022, Cynthia Erivo stated that the Wicked movie is not going to be anything like a regular musical movie. She stated that the two leading women would try to put their own touch and would showcase the story of the two sisters.

Wicked Movie

Stephen Schwartz, the Composer also asserted to Playbill that there will be some new songs in the Wicked movie and they have not been added just for the sake of adding, however, they have been added because the story demanded the same. The intention behind it was that they were organic and were not imposed on the movie.

He also revealed that it is their duty to ensure that they do not disappoint their fans because so many people already love the story. And it is impossible to tell the whole story in just one movie until it is four hours long. So, it has been decided that the movie will be released in two parts, and there will be plenty of new stuff for the viewers. 

Has The Trailer For Wicked Movie Released?

Yes, the quick teaser of the first part was revealed during the Super Bowl 2024 and gave viewers what Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo will look like in the movie. It also gave Broadway fans an enchanting look at how the movie is going to look like, while not disclosing much information.

Also, the full-length trailer for the Wicked movie was revealed by Universal Pictures on YouTube on 15th May 2024, and it contained parts of the songs Defying Gravity and Popular.

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