Warner Bros. confirms Minecraft movie release date

Warner Bros. confirms Minecraft movie release date

Reports say Minecraft Movie will hit the big screens in 2025. So, if it happens, it will be the best video game adaptation in the gaming industry. To note, Minecraft video games, released in 2011, have gained millions of monthly subscribers. So, it won’t be wrong to say that Minecraft video game has the extensive audience of the decade. Yet, if Warner Bros. Pictures and Mojang Studios keep their work upright with Minecraft movies, it can also become one of the most watched movies considering the fan count. Yet, there’s still time before we get to watch this video game movie. 

Release Date of Minecraft Movie

After two years of production, the Movie is ready to release on April 4, 2025. Initially announced in 2014, movies faced multiple shifts in release, changes of directors, and iterations.

Minecraft movie

Under the direction of Rob McElhenney, the Minecraft movie got a release date of May 2019. After his departure, Peter Sollett joined the team and scheduled the release for March 2022. Again, its production began in 2023 and again came to a sudden halt due to SAG-AFTRA strikes that marked a pause to all the new productions. Yet, Warner Bros has now confirmed the original release date for its Minecraft Movie. So, with the confirmed director, cast list, and release date, we can say things are getting together for the Minecraft Movie.

Minecraft Movie: Cast

The blockbuster video game Minecraft is finally getting a movie adaptation, which isn’t less than a happy surprise. Jared Hess is the director of this action movie adaptation. Chris Bowman, Peter Sollett (screenwriter), Allison Schroeder (screenwriter), Hubbel Palmer, and Markus Perrson have collectively written the movie script.

Following is the list of all the Cast members who have signed up for the Minecraft Movie. Yet, the characters of some of the crew members that they will play are still unknown:

  • Jason Momoa – the most in-demand actor; Role is unknown
  • Jack Black – Comic Actor; He will play Steve
  • Emma Myers – the role of this Wednesday Actress is also unknown
  • Danielle Brooks – as Dawn
  • Jennifer Coolidge
  • Matt Berry
  • Steve Carell
  • Kate Mckinnon
  • Jemaine Clement
  • Sebastian Eugene Hansen— as Henry
  • Pauline Chalamet

It is only the anticipated cast list, as Warner Brothers has confirmed only the joining of these actors in Minecraft.

Minecraft Movie: Storyline

The plot is again another mystery that has yet to be disclosed. But it is confirmed that it will be a live-action movie featuring Jason, doesn’t it sound cool? Apart from this, the only known thing is that Minecraft Movie, based on the Sandbox video game Minecraft, is a Family adventure movie. Minecraft game is a survival and open-building video game with different gaming modes for the players to choose what they prefer. So, this game isn’t about the plot itself. Yet, it has notable locations and a few enemies that can provide the basis for the Minecraft movie.

Will the Minecraft Movie be on a Streaming Service or in a Theatre?

The Minecraft Movie will be released primarily in Theatres on April 4, 2025. However, reports say that, like other film adaptations, it will likely be released on streaming channels sometime after its release in theatres.

Updates on the Minecraft Movie Trailer

There isn’t an official trailer for the Movie. Yet, this isn’t an issue, considering we are still a year away from the release. So, we will probably get a sneak peek at this Movie by the end of 2024.

This is all we know about Warner Bros. Pictures’ Movie so far. Yet, anything can happen in a year. This Warner Bros. production can even become a live-action Minecraft movie; who knows? Nevertheless, with the confirmed news of Jason Momoa joining the crew and the Movie adding to the release schedule of upcoming 2025 movies, we can at least watch this Movie in theatres soon.

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