Only Murders in the Building Season 4: What We Know So Far

Only Murders in the Building Season 4: What We Know So Far

Only Murders in the Building, an American comedy-mystery television series by John Hoffman and Steve Martin, is coming for a fourth season. The official renewal announcement for season 3 came on the same day when the third season’s finale was dropped in October 2023. Let’s delve into the details to know whose murder investigation the fourth installment will follow.

Is There a Release Date for Only Murders in the Building Season 4?

As of the latest update, there is no release date for Only Murders in the Building Season 4. As per The Economic Times, the brand-new season, Only Murders in the Building Season 4, can premiere around November and December 2024 on the streaming service Hulu, but it has yet to be confirmed.

Only Murders in the Building Season 4
Only Murders in the Building Season 4

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Who Is in the Cast of Only Murders in the Building Season 4?

Only Murders in the Building Season 4 will return with new characters and recurring roles. According to Variety, Emmy winner Eugene Levy has joined the starry cast for the upcoming season. The creators are still tight-lipped about most characters, especially Levy’s role and plot details. He joins the main stars and executive producers of the series: Steve Martin (Charles), who helped create the mystery comedy; Martin Short (Oliver); Selena Gomez (Mabel); along with new recurring actors Molly Shannon and Eva Longoria; and the returning Meryl Streep. However, it is confirmed that the three main characters will go to Los Angeles prior to returning to New York.

Craig Erwich, the President of Disney Television Group, proclaimed in an interview with Deadline that the show will start in Los Angeles for the new season and then come back to New York.

“I’m very excited to see Steve, Martin, and Selena take a little break from the apartment building and come to Los Angeles. So, in the same way, that John Hoffman used the canvas of Broadway to tell what I think was one of the unique seasons you’ve ever seen, the same unique ‘Only Murders’ take will be applied to Los Angeles, which I’m really excited about.”

Meryl Streep appeared for the first time in the third season. She played Loretta Durkin’s role in the last season, which she will reprise in season 4 as well. Her character appeared in Martin Short’s (Oliver’s) Broadway show, where the two got romantically involved. However, there is no news whether Jesse Williams will reprise his role as Tobert-Mabel’s boyfriend.

How Did the Third Season End?

In the Season 3 finale, the central trio of Charles, Mabel, and Oliver solved Ben Glenroy’s (Paul Rudd) murder case. The producers of Death Rattle Dazzle, Cliff (Wesley Taylor) and Donna (Linda Emond), killed Glenroy as he destroyed their show.

After Oliver’s show, Death Rattle Dazzle, the cast met at his apartment in Arconia. Moreover, Sazz told Charles she needed to talk about something “a little sensitive.” Additionally, the final scenes of the last season also disclosed the next murder victim of the show, who will be Charles’ longtime stunt double, Sazz Pataki (Jane Lynch). So, she is going to have a significant presence in season four.

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What Will Happen in Only Murders in the Building Season 4?

In Only Murders in the Building Season 4, the core trio of Charles, Oliver, and Mabel will find out the answers related to the murder of Sazz. They will also investigate if the killer was aiming to end Charles’ life and why anyone would want to terminate the lives of either of them. Showrunner John Hoffman and his team of writers will have to answer all these intriguing questions in the forthcoming season.

Once, in conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, the co-creator hinted that there would probably be a focus on consequences in the fourth season, but exactly what those consequences are for has yet to be decided.

“I think the idea of what you create is a thing you put out to the world, and sometimes you can’t be prepared for the repercussions of what potentially the world does with your thing, and how they feel about it. That’s a challenging line to walk, and sometimes you have to face it in that way. So, the podcast and everything else that’s happened, and what it all means, and what it could have been meaning all along. That’s a really interesting world to look at for these three who stepped in that way.”

The article covers everything you need to know. Stay connected, as we will update this site if further news surfaces.

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