I Am Legend 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Get ready to return to the apocalypse with Will Smith as I Am Legend 2 releases. Here is all you need to know about the cast, its plot, and the trailer.

The superhit sci-fic/horror was released back in 2007. It was based on Richard Matheson’s novel written back in 1954. Being one of the biggest movies to have been released back then, grossing $585 million, I Am Legend 2’s production might just start soon.  Will Smith, who played the role as Dr. Robert Neville will be seen battling zombies known as Darkseekers. Fans cannot contain their excitement for this much awaited sequel. Akiva Goldsman who was the writer of the sequel has confirmed that I Am Legend 2 is happening. There were ongoing speculations too, but we have our insiders who have helped us get all the spicy tidbits for you!

To know what this movie is going to be all about, we have all the information you need for the second part releasing a decade later.

Release Date of I Am Legend 2

Michael B Jordan in I am Legend 2

Will Smith who is the only survivor fighting the zombies infected by a virus which was supposed to cure cancer, will be seen on screen again. The release date speculations are all over the internet, and the official release date is yet to be confirmed.  The movie’s production was stuck for some time, before it was reported that I Am Legend 2 was going ahead in February 2023. It was announced in March 2022 that there was in fact, going to be a sequel to I Am Legend reported by Deadline.

Warner Bros teamed with Goldsman’s production company Weed Road for the first look deal which got all the fans excited. Goldsman gave us all a hint by sharing that they were going to start with two projects, out of which the first one was I Am Legend 2.

The director of the first part, Francis Lawrence has hinted on returning to the project, but I Am Legend 2 still does not have a confirmed director on paper. In December 2023, Will Smith confirmed at the Red Sea International Festival that the script had come in and he was soon going to have a talk with his co-star, Michael B. Jordan.

Cast of I Am Legend 2

Michael B Jordan in I am Legend 2

There was one point where Will Smith thought he was going to leave, I Am Legend as it is, but after hearing the story of the sequel, he changed his mind. So, for all the eager fans out there, Smith is to return for I Am Legend 2 as the famous scientist Robert Neville.

Moreover, Michael B Jordan will also be on board. We do not have definite information on what his role is exactly going to be, but these are the only two cast members of which we have confirmed news. Although it is possible that Jordan might be another survivor who will team with Smith to hunt down the zombies, but only time will tell. Will and Jordan are also named as the producers for the film.

Alice Braga’s character might also be in the sequel. When asked about her reaction to the sequel news, Braga shared her enthusiasm and hopes to star in the project.

I Am Legend 2 Plot

I am Legend 2
I am Legend 2

Plot specifics aren’t released but there are minor details which have surfaced. The producer Jon Mone had mentioned to Deadline that I Am Legend 2 is going to have an “incredibly cool” story. It was also revealed by writer Akiva Goldsman that the movie will have inspiration from the HBO drama, ‘The Last of Us’. The story will be a few decades later than when it was in the first movie.

The sequel will continue with the original ending in the book by Matheson, and the alternate ending. So, that makes it clear that the original film’s released ending will not be used. Goldsman further mentioned that Matheson talks about ‘man’s time on the planet as a dominant species has come to an end’ which will be an interesting factor for the sequel and how they will go on about it.

Is Will Smith Alive in I Am Legend 2?

Will Smith will be seen alive in I Am Legend 2. Although he dies in the original film, the writers will be using the alternate ending for the sequel.

I am Legend 2

I Am Legend 2 Trailer Not Released Yet

As for now, there is no trailer for I Am Legend 2. The entire project is still at the initial grounds, and a lot more needs to be done before filming starts.

Fans around the world are eagerly waiting and hoping that the production starts at the earliest so they can have the first look at the amazing storyline of I Am Legend 2.

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