Who Is Gary Owen’s Ex-Wife?

Gary Owen is a popular standup comedian and actor. He has done a lot of comedy shows and movies on BET and Showtime. He has acted in some well-known comedy movies but has always been in the spotlight because of his personal life. His marriage with his wife and sudden divorce has always caught the attention of his fans. So, let us explore everything there is to know about Gary Owen’s ex-wife and why their marriage got severed.

Who Is Gary Owen’s Ex-Wife?

Kenya Duke, a popular entrepreneur from Cincinnati, Ohio, and a podcast host, was Gary Owen’s ex-wife. She has also worked in the real estate industry in the past, but since 2023, she has been hosting a podcast titled “Truly Kenya.”

The couple tied the knot in the year 2003 but ultimately called it quits in the year 2021. Their divorce was a pretty public one, and it took them almost one and a half years to finalize it.

Who Is Comedian Gary Owen's Wife
Who Is Comedian Gary Owen’s Wife

What Was The Reason Behind Their Divorce?

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke have been together for a very long time. They tied the knot and welcomed two children, in addition to looking after Kenya’s son, whom she had with her previous partner.

The news of Gary and Keny’s divorce came as a shock to many people when they announced it in 2021, and Kenya was the one who filed it. As far as a reason is concerned, the couple said that they had some “irreconcilable differences.”

After the divorce was finalized, Kenya made some remarks about Gary on social media and was questioned by several news outlets, although she deleted her original comments. She accused Gary of having a mistress and involving with someone else outside of their marriage.

However, whether these accusations are true or not remains a mystery, leaving many wondering what the actual truth is. When asked about it in the interview coordinated by The Wendy Williams Show, Gary did not answer the questions concerning the mistress directly, but he said that the main issue was a divorce that involved some big problems.


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He explained, “We got a lotta legal stuff we gotta go through. But I will say, there’s a big twist in my divorce that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s a doozy, but I can’t speak on it yet. But it’s big. It changed the whole dynamic of the divorce.”

How Many Children Do They Have?

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke had two children during their marriage: a son named Austin and a daughter named Kennedy. Before marrying Gary, Kenya was married to someone with whom she had a son named Emilio. In 2016, Gary Owen wished Emilio a happy birthday by posting a picture on Instagram with the caption, “When I married your mom, you were a package deal.” As of now, all three kids, Austin, Kennedy, and Emilio, are grown-ups.


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What Is Gary And Kenya Doing Now?

Gary Owen is currently doing comedy shows all over the country and people are loving him. He is also hosting the podcast “Get Some With Gary Owen” keeping his fans entertained with his humor. Also, he has recently welcomed twins with his fiancee, Bri Johnson, as revealed by an Instagram post.

About Kenya Duke, she is busy hosting her podcast, “Truly Kenya,” which is a big project for her because this is the very first time she is doing something without Gary. 

She recently told Essence, “For so many years, I took care of my marriage, my children, everyone. It’s finally time to do something for myself that’s authentically me. A part of me definitely died, for sure. But I’ve been reborn.”

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