TikTok Star Kyle Marisa Roth Dies at 36; The Cause of Death is a Mystery!

Famous and controversial TikTok star Kyle Roth passes away at 36. The iconic celebrity gossiper’s TikTok account contains around five million followers. She shared funny and colloquial commentary on celebrities, making her videos viral.

Has Kyle Roth Cause of Death Been Revealed?

Kyle Roth cause of death remains unknown. Kyle Roth’s sister, Lindsay Roth, disclosed the news of her sudden demise through Instagram on Monday. However, she did not disclose the reason behind Kyle Roth’s death.


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A post shared by Lindsay Roth (@thehighfemme)

Julia Fox also commented on the post and expressed her condolences:

“I know I never met Kyle in real life, but I really felt like I knew her. I’m so devastated and have been crying ever since the news leaked on TikTok. really hope she did it suffer and I hope she knew how much she touched our lives. She was a ray of sunshine and I will miss her deeply.”

Kyle Roth Cause of Death
Kyle Roth Dies at 36

Kyle Roth was a colon cancer survivor. However, it is unclear whether it was cancer that claimed the life of the TikTok star. 

On February 2, 2024, Roth showed her past surgical scars in an Instagram post.


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A post shared by Kyle Marisa Roth (@thekylemarisa_)

She said she had three abdominal surgeries, possibly because of her battle with colon cancer. She had reconstructive shoulder surgery with broken bones and a torn meniscus. She had also gotten into several car accidents and sustained injuries from her lacrosse playing days. She also said that she had three missing internal organs. It is still unclear whether these health conditions contributed to Kyle Roth cause of death. Yet she was resilient and added to her post:

Jacquie Cohen Roth, Kyle Roth’s mother, also talked about her daughter’s death on LinkedIn:

“My daughter Kyle has passed away. She touched some of your lives personally and some of your lives via her immense life on another platform. Kyle loved and lived fiercely. Nothing makes sense now and we’ll understand more in the next few days.”

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Who Was Kyle Roth?

TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth managed to amass 175,000 followers on the famous platform. She talked about celebrities, entertainment news, and pop culture on her account.

The pop culture influencer went to Lehigh University and was a lacrosse player in Pennsylvania.

The Maryland-based influencer became a controversial figure on TikTok because she spoke about celebrity blind items. Blind items include news stories that are usually cooked up out of speculation. They also include unverified celebrity gossip—the one that the involved parties refuse to comment on. Hence, she quickly became famous as the Blind Item Girl.

Kyle Roth had a signature catchphrase that she used at the beginning of her videos:

“You want more? I’ll give you more.” 

One of her controversial videos includes a commentary on Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner. She joked about the former getting a portion of Jenner’s business to date her.

In another video, she quipped that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have a ‘P.R. relationship.’ 

The famous influencer also pulled other celebrities’ legs in her celebrity gossip videos. Even big names such as JoJo Siwa and J. Lo were not free from her judgment.

Here, our coverage ends. Keep checking this space for more updates on Kyle Roth cause of death.

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