How Jynxzi Become Famous?

Nicholas Stewart had a phenomenal year in 2023. With more than 100,000 active Twitch subscribers, Jynxzi, a streamer, broke Kai Cenat’s previous record. In order to be represented everywhere, he also signed a management contract with Right Click Culture and secured sponsorship agreements.

Whatever your perspective, Jynxzi is among the most well-known figures on Twitch, but things weren’t always like this. Stewart spent years in near-obscurity before becoming the most well-known Rainbow Six Siege player on the internet.

Although Stewart started streaming regularly in 2019, his efforts took years to show results. According to Sully Gnome data cited by Dexerto, the Jynxzi account had an average of one viewer per broadcast in 2019. Although his following years saw a slight growth in his popularity, he didn’t truly take off until 2023. Stewart’s highest monthly Twitch viewership at the beginning of the year was approximately 5,000 concurrent users. By the year 2024, that figure had consistently surpassed 100,000.

Rise to Fame

Jynxzi Became Famous

The US streamer had steady years between 2021 and 2022. He was regularly drawing in about a thousand people per stream, and he was gradually gaining more followers. He earned hundreds of thousands of new fans on Twitch over the course of two years, and by the end of 2022, he had amassed 400K followers. Ultimately, the beginning of 2023 marked his big break, as his viewership seemed to soar as the year got underway suddenly. He had 500K followers by January 2023, and four months later, that number had doubled to 1M followers.

He attained a personal record of 436K hours of watch time from his admirers in December 2022, and he kept breaking records on a regular basis. Jynxzi’s fan base gave him 953K hours of view time in January 2023. The Floridian streamer saw another significant spike in watch time in February, receiving over 1M more hours for a total of 1.93M hours watched in the month. Jynxzi’s rapid rise is intriguing because, for the most part, his content hasn’t changed.

How did Jynxzi become so successful even though all of his stuff was related to Rainbow Six Siege?

How Jynxzi Became Famous

First, streamers can significantly increase their viewing by having a large audience. The ability to share and repost content from your YouTube channel, TikTok, and Twitch clips to a sizable following base facilitates the growth of artists. The TikTok and YouTube algorithms also give preference to larger creators, which increases the number of impressions that their work receives. Lastly, Jynxzi modified his particular content delivery strategy for Twitch a little bit.

His content prior to 2023 was primarily concerned with the gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege. He would either play in-game competitive mode on his channel or stream single-player matches, other small-scale events, and/or tournaments. He still produces a lot of Rainbow Six Siege content these days, but he has also made time to host tournaments and respond to community videos. Just last week, Jynxzi reached over 400K Hours Watched for life after hosting a $10,000 USD Xbox tournament for his fave shooting game.

Additionally, he has ventured into longer forms and serialized content, such as his ascent from the bottom of Rainbow Six Siege’s in-game ranked game to the top pedestal of the standings. Unlike episodic material, serial content can assist streamers in gaining steady followers over time as viewers grow attached to the show. His reactions to clips and situations from the community that he streams have also grown in popularity for 2023.

Jynxzi’s rise to prominence in 2023 culminated in mid-April when he officially became Twitch’s most-subscribed content creator, surpassing xQc and KaiCenat. With over 75K subscribers, he officially surpassed all other creators in terms of subscriptions. In April of this year, he uploaded a photo on Twitter that displayed 100.2K subscribers.

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