Christine McGuinness Announced the Death of Her Grandmother on Easter Sunday

Christine McGuinness grandmother dies tragically. The model paid tribute to her on Sunday through a heartfelt Instagram post. Read more about McGuinness Nan’s impact on her life, marriage, and mindset.

Tribute to Christine McGuinness Grandmother 

Christine’s grandmother’s cause of death is still undisclosed. However, from her message, it seems she was probably going through a difficult time. The post was captioned that her grandmother “got her angel wings” and she is “finally at peace.”

Furthermore, the 36-year-old model added that wherever her grandmother would be, she would be knitting and watching LFC.

McGuinness shared a series of Instagram stories – a picturesque photo of the clouds with the sun peeking through. A heart icon was drawn over it as the song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry and the Pacemakers played in the background.

She also added a picture of her mother, Joanne, with her grandmother in her Instagram stories during Christmas. She also shared a video of her grandmother laughing and waving at her camera on Christmas, captioned “my scouse Nan.

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Sending Prayers for Christine McGuinness Grandmother and Family

Christine McGuinness is not new to dealing with tragic losses. However, dealing with life-changing, saddening news can be taxing.

Christine McGuinness grandmother death news comes more than a year after Christine’s separation from her ex-husband, Paddy Christine, in 2022.

Christine McGuinness Grandmother
Christine McGuinness with Her Husband

McGuinness has been vocal about keeping the separation from her children, who are still unaware of it, a secret. The couple has ten-year-old twins, Leo and Penelope, and seven-year-old Felicity. Since they’re all autistic, like Christine McGuinness, she thought it was best not to divulge the split.

McGuinness said the reason was that they already grappled with undertaking human connection, and the separation would not make any sense to them. Furthermore, the couple lives together, so the family dynamics have not visibly changed.

Christine McGuinness shared her notion in the following statement:

“I always wanted my children to have both parents involved, regardless of our situation, and I’m happy that that’s the way it is. They have a mummy and daddy around, who love and support them.

We want to share Christmases and holidays, so none of us misses out. And I think we’ve got enough mutual respect for each other to put our differences to one side. 

One thing that we will always agree on is that we want the children to be impacted as little as possible. We chose to have these children together, regardless of what’s happened between us, and we will co-parent them for as long as they need.

“If anything changes in either of our personal lives which might affect the children, or he wants to move on into a serious relationship and get his own place, then we would need to sit and talk about it again. But, right now, it’s working for us all.

“Time is definitely a healer. And I’m just very sure about my priorities: my children, my work and then me.”

Details about whether she disclosed her grandmother’s death news to her children remain unknown.

Remembering Christine McGuinness Grandmother’s Support for Her 

In her biography, ‘A Beautiful Nightmare,’ McGuinness discusses how her grandmother helped her overcome difficult times in marriage. She also highlights the potential split with her professional comedian husband, Paddy.

Christine McGuinness grandmother would give stoic advice to dissolve any marriage troubles. She used to say“Marriage is difficult. I’ve been through it all with Grandad, and look at us now. I wouldn’t be without him.”

The Loose Women star only cared about keeping her children’s father around—something she was deprived of growing up. Hence, she stuck to her grandmother’s stoic advice. All people go through a rough patch at work, marriage, and life in general. But she wanted to co-parent even if it meant living in the same house with the man she had separated from—only for the sake of her children.

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Moving Forward After Grandmother’s Death

The model has dealt with her separation rationally. She opened up, saying she was not looking forward to settling with anyone else and was not considering using dating apps.

Christine McGuinness Grandmother
Christine McGuinness

One of the reasons for this is her autism diagnosis. She said she has always been a loner and is trying to get to know herself better in the brief moments she gets to enjoy her company.

She was very mature about the idea of her ex-husband moving on, as long as he kept his dating business outside the house. Right now, she keeps her priorities straight by focusing on her children, work, and mental health.

Christine McGuinness’s grandmother’s death occurred suddenly, but in her words, time is a healer, and we wish her the best in this difficult period.

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